A moon to boot

OK, so I understand that the blood super moon eclipse signaled a shift into a new phase, or the end of a period that we were supposed to learn from and move forward- for better or worse, but did it have to mean “a boot” for me?  Let me explain.

The morning after the eclipse and amazing spectacle of the blood moon in the sky (I must’ve missed the one in 1982 playing Duran Duran on repeat dreaming of John Taylor or cutting gloves to look like Madonna), I went to the Dr for a sore foot.  Why I waited through 2 weeks of pain I will never know, but something kept me from going until that day.  I have been dealing with a lot this year and maybe I was just ignoring this “minor” foot problem- how could it compare to disc surgery after all, right?  I was informed I have a stress fracture and now I am sporting an ever-so-fashionable boot for 4 weeks.

Does this mean I did NOT learn what I was supposed to learn before the eclipse and I am paying for it to boot?  Do you think if I would’ve went to the podiatrist before the blood moon, I would’ve had a different outcome?  Crazy, I know.  All kidding aside, I do wonder if I would’ve addressed it sooner if it wouldn’t have been so bad.  Maybe learning to not procrastinate and take care of things immediately is what I need to learn in this new phase of the moon.  Or, is the lesson that I am not “out of the water” yet with healing and I am moving too fast too soon?  Dr’s can’t definitively say what the cause is since these things happen over time and something pushes you over the edge before you know it.

All in all, I find it strange that I needed a blood moon/ super moon event to make me stop and think about this.  I am not as aspiring astrologer, nor am I metaphysical outside of my musings on these topics.  I just immediately start thinking about the connectors of things/ people/ events- not usually coincidences but opportunities to learn and reflect and according the eclipse- move forward. At least some people are moving forward literally, while I lay on the coach with my boot propped up beside the chihuahua.

As grandma’s say, “this too shall pass”, so I will persevere and not let this get me down.  After all, the solar system does the same thing every month and then all of a sudden, an amazingly unique moment happens and it changes our perspective on the normal, mundane day/ night cycle we are typically a part of.  I can’t wait for the next amazingly unique experience that is going to happen in my life- and it will when the time is right- but for now, no rushing.  Boot on!

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