Can a monkey bring you financial success?

A red fire monkey year has just begun on February 8th marking the Lunar New Year.  What does it mean to us all?  If you follow this, the monkey is smart but also mischievous.  Hopefully, all of us can take advantage of the smart side of the monkey and reap the benefits of the year for our own financial reward.  A prosperous year is upon us if we stay aware and take action to realize the intentions we set last month.

From Refinery 29: The monkey is known for being very intelligent and clever, one of the most innovative personalities within the zodiac.  As the monkey imbues the year with its quick wit, curiosity, and its resourcefulness, it becomes a year of reinvention in a lot of ways…a very energetic year and an auspicious one.

This statement should give us some clues about what it takes to be prosperous in this new year…

  • Be intelligent & surround yourself with intelligent, like-minded individuals who are interested in what you are working on, what you care about and where you’re going in your life.
  • Be clever… having an innovative personality will serve you well especially if you are starting your own venture or embarking on something new this year.
  • Be curious… your quick wit will take you far as you investigate opportunities and meet new people.  Taking interest in others and being able to sincerely care about the topic they are discussing can be an art form.
  • Be resourceful and leverage those around you and from your past to help you launch your new venture or reach out to someone about a job opportunity.  Educate yourself about your intended industry or target audience and what it will take to resonate with them.
  • Be aware of what it means to “reinvent” yourself or your business.  Ask yourself:  How do others perceive you and what you are doing? How can you manage expectations and get others excited with you?  What aspects do you want to preserve and which ones do you want to leave behind as you forge ahead into new territory?  Only you can decide.

Whatever the outcome of your intentions, one point remains clear.  We all have the power to go forth and conquer our goals.  We have to draw from a confidence that lies deep inside of us all- whether or not we know we have it.  Now is the time to take action on the plans we have been dreaming of up to this time.  It’s exciting and possibly intimidating for some.  Go boldly into this new year & be like the monkey- be curious, be resourceful, be witty, be clever, be intelligent- and be prosperous!

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