Resolutions are just Intentions in disguise

How many people set new year’s resolutions and abandon them by the end of January? Why does this happen so frequently… especially with health and fitness goals? Some say it is a lack of real intention or a lack of motivation to continue. Some say the resolution or goal itself was not realistic or achievable.

Whatever the case may be, one thing is clear… resolutions should really be our “intentions”- those things we really set out to accomplish this year… goals, dreams, beliefs… things we are willing to be accountable for and take action to accomplish. An intention is something we feel so strongly about and believe in with our heart and soul, so there is no risk of failure… only a journey on the path to get there. Where that path takes you along the way is anyone’s guess, so just enjoy the ride and believe that there is a reason for it all. When a bump in the road make you doubt the possibility of achieving your goal, try to open your mind and see the reason for the set back (aka “the bump in the road”). There is always a reason when we look back on other accomplishments in our lives and how we ended up getting to where we are today. What fantastic journeys we’ve all been on in our lives and most of it did not happen perfectly as planned.

Since it is a new year, a new moon and a new opportunity to set intentions, take full advantage of this time of the year to open the doors to what your future holds. The first step is getting your intentions on paper. You have to be able to visualize your intentions and goals for them to be realities. This is how we humans work after all, isn’t it?

Write down:
What you want to END this year
What you want to BEGIN this year

Be very detailed and specific so that there is no mistaking what you intend to do. Some examples of intentions are:
–  I want my body to feel healthier with less pain, discomfort, and tension.
–  I want my families finances to be secure and to finally have the financial freedom that we have been working towards.
–  I will live a less stressful and anxiety ridden lifestyle that includes more time for meditation, yoga, personal improvement, acupuncture, reading and walking outside breathing in the nature around me.
–  I will rid my life of toxic people, food, and environments to lead a healthier life.
–  I will build my own business that gives me the freedom I seek to enjoy my family and gives me the ability to be the master of my own schedule.
–  I will not say “Yes” to everything and everyone unless it makes me feel good, positive and prosperous in the endeavor.
–  I will focus on the health of my whole family, helping them to achieve balance and wellness.
–  I will surround myself with new experiences, physical fitness and engage my mind to stay mentally strong.
Whatever intentions you set, look at your list frequently and remind yourself why you set them. Feel good about them all and be willing to commit to the achievement or realization of them. Avoid the common mistake of making them all materialistic.  Don’t set intentions you KNOW you will not be able to follow through on. Remember, we are human! We are capable of amazing things, but have limitations nonetheless. Know yours- mentally, physically, spiritually- and go from there. Your intentions are a reflection of the world you live in and what is inside you as core values. Honor these. Your world just might improve in the process!

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