Your Skin is trying to get your attention!

Especially now!  A lot of us are about to embark on a challenge in February- like Kannaway’s iKAN90- where we will be eating cleaner, getting leaner, detoxifying and restarting for the new year.  The focus is on what we are ingesting- food, water, herbs, hemp oil, healthy fats- and what we should not be… soda, sugar, processed food, etc.  Also, where our food comes from (local, sustainable) and what is in it (non-GMO, organic ingredients for example vs. high-fructose this and partially hydrogenated that) comes into focus and we notice it more clearly now than before- realizing the importance on how our systems function.

When we use the Balance12 system, our bodies will be detoxifying, rebalancing and basically “starting over”.  This process is done internally AND externally.  Most of our focus will be on the internal, so I am here to remind us all not to neglect the external.  When our body is ridding itself of toxins, they are being pushed out of our bodies.  This is why the soak is so essential.  It is the method of finalizing the process so to speak- pulling the impurities out though the largest organ of our body- the skin.

Once we have done our soak (ahhhh…) and applied our salve to our bodies, we have to remember one more important area to treat- our faces!  The skin on our faces is the most exposed part of our bodies (besides our hands) and it really does show off the life we lead for better or for worse!  It may be tempting to neglect your facial skin during your iKAN90 challenge or Balance12 detox program since all of your efforts are being focused there, but do yourself a favor and keep up with your skincare routine.  It will also be an extension of your detox process and help the skin deal with the expulsion of toxins from the skin.

Toxins can produce breakouts, dullness, signs of aging like dark spots, wrinkles, loss of firmness and rough texture.  Keeping the skin clean, exfoliated and treated will help your skin detoxify and look its best.

The health of your skin is one of the key factors to feeling healthier, looking better and seeing the fruits of your labors as you try to eat better and help your body deal with stress, environment and diet.  A glowing, radiant, smooth skin is a walking advertisement for the new, wise decisions you are making for your lifestyle! When someone stops you and compliments you on your skin, you can start a conversation about your routine and why it is important about thinking of skincare from the inside out.  Natural, healthy skincare is an extension of your detox program- so stock up, find a routine that fits your lifestyle and personal needs, and share it with everyone who sees your smiling face every day.

P.S.  You might even save money on makeup ladies- let your natural, radiant skin show through in all its glory!

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