Goals from your Soul

As another new year approaches, I think about how this one will be unique… different from the others that have come before it.  How can I set my intentions for the year & create what I want it to be for myself and my family?  Some say that every good thing that happens to us is pure luck, some say it is a predestined path we are on, some others say that it is karma coming back to us from past lives and we are here on this earth to learn a lesson- right a wrong- make someone else’s existence better. So, how do we begin… for me, it’s with a positive intention.  A core belief that life can change for the better is what drives me.  Remaining stagnant, wallowing in self-pity and pain is not an option.

Maybe it’s my hearty midwestern upbringing… delivering newspapers on my bicycle in a blizzard at 12 years old with my eyelashes freezing shut was a test early on of will power and perseverance.  My parents kept me going and encouraging me- even when my bike was stolen from our garage and an old, broken bike left in it’s place.  I had learned the benefits of saving my money and buying something that I wanted vs. asking my parents for it, so this was the school of hard knocks… even when you do the right thing, it can all be taken away from you.  These moments build up year after year and you realize that plentiful years are those not defined by material things, but by togetherness, peacefulness, love, compassion and empathy.

2016 is a year of starting over for me when it comes to my work life.  2015 was all about taking a step back, recovering, reassessing what is important to me and my family, and spending the time it takes to realize what really matters.  So as we stand on the precipice of the new year, it’s time to set new goals.  Can dreams become a reality?  I believe they can if we focus our energy on them and not lose sight of what will add value to our lives.  Others will be naysayers of course- debbie downers who try to discourage success with their opinions and warning- but we can’t listen to them.  Only we know, down to our soul and in our hearts, what is right for us.  This is a terrifying prospect for some who like the comfort of the ordinary, who thwart change in favor of the same ole, same ole.  Which one will you choose to be?  It is a choice after all. I know it’s a tough world we live in, but it takes the energy & will of individuals collectively to make it better. I always say, to the chagrin of my family, that what you put out into the universe is what you get back from it!  No negative thoughts out there.

So, here goes… my intentions for 2016.  I figure if they are down on “paper”, I will be able to visualize and stick to them!

  1. Build my own businesses that give me freedom to set my own schedule around my family and personal life.  I no longer want to be ruled by my work schedule.  I no longer want to make never ending sacrifices for my work that are a detriment to my family and my health. In building these businesses, I will surround myself with positive influences and choose my partnerships wisely.
  2. I will help others be successful with me and help them live a fulfilling life. Helping another person thrive is the best feeling in the world.  Spreading the passion to succeed and finding a way to help is a rewarding way to spend a year or many, wouldn’t you say?
  3. I will be a healthier person with less pain, less stress and less reliance on prescription medications due to my newfound natural alternatives.  I intend to educate others on my mission and help them feel better and lead healthier lives.
  4. I will take time out to focus on myself- starting to do yoga once again, walking my dogs, breathing in the fresh air outdoors as a form of meditation… even continue my coloring!  It’s OK to be a kid again- the results are amazing.
  5. Help my family achieve their own goals and dreams for 2016 with my support and love.

I will keep you posted on my progress.  Best wishes with yours as well, as you embark on an exciting 2016- filled with possibilities, opportunities and endless adventures.  “The world is your oyster” is an understatement!

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