If you love health, wellness, alternative medicine & beauty as much as I do, read on!

After over 20 years in the cosmetics industry helping brands express themselves through marketing, creative, product development, education, events & PR/ TV, I have learned a lot about helping and empowering others.

Everything I do now, from being a consultant for companies, to representing brands I am passionate about others knowing more about, revolves around doing good- giving back- helping others be the best they can be through causes & companies they feel strongly about supporting.

Sometimes, we just love something and want to share it, but other times, we want others to get on board with us and move social change or public opinion.  Something has to really matter for you to put yourself out there and talk about something.

“Be notorious & don’t be afraid” has always been my motto for myself and my teams.  That means trying new things that have not been done in your “industry”or with a new group that you have never approached or worked with before- or whatever that statement mean to you that drives you to your purpose and vision in work or life.  Your choice!

So, let’s dive in together… what inspire you?  What are you passionate about?  Are you sharing it?  Are you getting a rise out of people, a response that moves people?  Bravo!  I strive to do that too.  Buckle up- here we go.

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