What the hemp?

Kannaway-The movement with a Purpose! VIDEO

KANNAWAY is an innovative community passionate about empowering individuals to balance their health and wealth while becoming leaders in a movement that spreads the truth about the benefits of hemp in our modern culture.

Once in a lifetime, something comes along that you feel excited about… I mean, really excited about… you can’t sleep, you know your life is about to change …kind of excited.  But, what do you do about it?  I saw the video above and another one…

When I first met the founders of Kannaway in San Diego, I couldn’t believe that I had never heard of this before.  Sure, I had heard of Hemp before… you can make rope and clothes out of it, you can put the seeds/ hearts in your yogurt and it’s packed with Omega’s… that is all good, but I didn’t KNOW about Hemp… it’s history, it’s potential, it’s health giving properties, it’s ability to bring back economic freedom to a country (yes, OURS!) and so much more.

Whew… how do you deal with this knowledge and your part in it?  I said, sign me up!  I want to- no, I HAVE to- help this company in whatever way I can.  The first thing that I started doing was research… like any good english/ computer science/ wanna-be librarian would do, right?  I am still immersed in the sea of information out there on Hemp and I do mean a sea- the flood gates have opened and now I know the truth.

For instance, I didn’t know about the founding fathers’ connection or Henry Ford’s connection to the hemp industry or that in the beginning of our country, hemp was a key crop and essential to the economy of each town formed.  There were some wicked individuals that stopped that.  I now realize that it stopped progress and took away a valuable resource from us all that could do a lot of different things:  decrease or completely eradicate our dependence on foreign oil and other precious resources, decrease our dependence on drugs and other chemicals that are not the best for us and just fuel an industry that doesn’t care if we get better- they profit off our illnesses and diseases after all.

I could go on, but everyone needs to find out for themselves about this injustice and take back the freedom to grow, take, drink, eat, make anything that we feel is healthy for our bodies, families, communities, economy and most importantly, our country.   I am not usually political or politically motivated, but I will just say this.  There is a lot being discussed right now about our freedoms and what we want as  country and this couldn’t fit in more perfectly with this dialogue.  People want to know what is going on in their world.

If you are one of those people, watch the video at the top and here are a few more for you.  Enjoy!

The American Betrayal- Trailer “The Genesis Plant”

The American Betrayal:  History of Hemp

Kannaway formula

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